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🔥 Ancient Lost Treasures • View topic - The OWL Treasure Symbols: 13, M, W, B


The Japanese hidden treasures. See more ideas about Hidden treasures, Japanese language and Languages.
treasure hunters association of tilt p.o. box 12311, ortigas center metro manila. philippines sec. reg. no. 157420 than • rp • usa. treasure signs symbols & markings masako cope jewelries' deposit japanese camp temple treasure under one treasure underneath foot of mountain treasure ; one fathom under *rat place come here
Philippines National Treasure Hunt for a Cause: CDO Gold Assay Process- Indiegogo Exclusive - Duration: 4:51. David Newby 190,090 views

Treasure signs and Symbols

From the Author: John "Duke" Wayne and I joined forces in 1974 in FULL TIME TREASURE HUNTING. I had already formed "THE QUEST, AN EXPLORATION CORPORATION" and had also engaged Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in an exclusive contract to advise, research, design and develop needed electronic / optical devices, as well as accompany us, in the field of treasure hunting.
I believe this holds true. If someone is trying to sell you a book about treasure signs then the odds are they're not finding treasure themselves. There isn't a book that I can recommend as the single source for sign reading but there are a few books that will go a long way in helping you learn to read the signs for yourself.
Japanese Signs & Symbols, Cebu, Philippines. 5.8K likes. Japanese Treasure Marking Signs and Symbols. Jump to.. Treasure Sign and Symbols.
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Ancient Lost Treasures • View topic - The OWL Treasure Symbols: 13, M, W, B Treasure code sign and symbol


Japanese Treasure Code and Sign - Anyone who knows about Crown of Cambodia or Lying lady? - WHAT ARE THE MEANING OF THOSE SIGN MGA BOSS - turtle sign here :) pw
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#5 is another heart symbol that tells of a trap but no direction indication. The “Lightning Bolt” symbol tells the aware treasure hunter, very valuable information: 1. This site is where large quantities of gold, silver or other treasures are stored. 2.

starburst-pokieAncient Lost Treasures • View topic - The OWL Treasure Symbols: 13, M, W, B Treasure code sign and symbol

Treasure Signs and Symbols 101 | CNY Artifact Recovery Treasure code sign and symbol

Treasure Chest – Dreaming of a treasure chest is a symbol of something that you want to hold close to your heart and keep safe, either something with sentimental value or something that you want to keep secret. If you dream of putting something in a treasure chest, this indicates a possession, a person, or even an idea which you want to keep.
Treasure Sign. Our website is currently under re-development. We will be back up again shortly. Please contact us at: 215-659-SIGN [email protected]
Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure Welcome, Guest. Is this a sign of Treasure? Started by jewellcat « 1 2 3.

Treasure code sign and symbolcasinobonus

treasure code sign and symbol The Letter B, M, and the Number 13 here he explains the Letter type of treasure maps,again out if front of all the rehashed books on the subject… Other letters can also be used to guide you to this hidden info.
It will be written in such a way that this letter will look more like the number 13.
The number check this out is another code for the owl, and the owl is one of the most important treasure room symbols that you can find, both on maps as well as in the field.
The number 13 comes from the owl itself.
This same holds true for the number 13 when found in the field.
Of all the maps that you will come into contact with as a treasure hunter, by far the most complicated are the maps carved onto rocks and boulders as well as other places.
Known as rock maps, these maps will do two things: first of all they will lead you to the correct spot to dig.
This depends, of course, on your own ability to decipher these rocks and the symbols that are carved on them.
Secondly, these maps of stone will try, very successfully, to lead you astray and take you further away from your goal.
I cannot even begin to put enough emphasis on why this book is so vital to your success as a treasure hunter.
The number 8 is an important treasure symbol.
It also has many other symbols that are connected to it.
The letter H is the alphabetical equivalent to the 8, and as you already know, the H is an important symbol that represents a tunnel.
It is a new world that the Illuminati are trying to create, a new world without God and under their control.
The number 8 has another very important interpretation to it, and many treasure hunters have failed numerous times because of their lack of knowledge about this other meaning.
After locating the true seventh step, the duck rock now had to be rotated to give you the bell symbol.
This bell symbol has a numerical value of 31, which is the number of feet that you need to measure to get to the treasure room….
By doubling the 31 feet that we get from the bell we get a new number of 62.
Now generally, the number 6 is used as a death trap symbol, etc.
And this relationship is not limited to the English alphabet and number systems.
So basically, you have to locate this ground diamond, then measure between two of the diamonds points halfway and there you will find something of great importance, maybe even the covered opening.
As I stated earlier, the meanings of these symbols change as you get deeper into the interpretations as you get closer to the treasure.
So how do you know when each meaning is needed at a slot no registration no download time?
It is common sense.
It can be very confusing.
I have spoken about the need for treasure hunters to understand many different things.
If you gain anything from this post, I want to reflect upon the fact that you need to be aware of where you are in your pursuit of the treasure that you seek.
In other words, you are not going to find any read article telling you to dig twenty feet under an alpha sign.
Put your interpretations onto the same level the same depth as where you are on the treasure trail.
Are you at the covered opening?
Then interpret the signs accordingly.
Treasure signs and survey lines Most of you have heard say before that the number one reason for a persons failure to locate a treasure or mine is due to the lack of truthful information.
Whether we are talking about a Church map, KGC map, pirate map, etc.
These signs and symbols are just as important as the survey lines, since it was through these signs that you would be able to confirm that you were, indeed, on the slot no registration no download path to the treasure.
This grid was created by surveying line after line after line, until you ended up with a grid that resembles a tic-tac-toe game design.
The treasure was supposed to be in the center square of this tic-tac-toe design.
The reason that the author went into this survey design is because he has a Jesse James treasure map that tells you that you must do this in order to find the treasure.
The only problem is, the part of the map that tells you to do all of this surveying is, without a doubt, a false trail.
It is a trail designed to take you off into nowhere land, and there you will be lost, or, at least you will be far away from the treasure.
Now, as I said, surveying IS a very vital part in the CREATION of a treasure map, and, here is how it works.
When making a treasure map, there IS ALWAYS a beginning point given on the map.
This beginning alpha point is nowhere near the treasures location the omega point, the treasures location.
So, what happens is that you need to know where to go from the alpha, which includes the distances and directions needed for each step of the way.
Getting to this alpha point is not complicated, you simply make your way to this point in whatever way that you can.
From here on out is where you want to pay particular attention because EVERY instruction given on the treasure map from here on out is given in COMPASS DEGREES and EXACT MEASUREMENTS.
And folks, this is exactly how surveying pertains to treasure maps.
The surveying, in other words, was DONE ONLY ONCE, and that was at the creation of the treasure map that you are holding in your hands.
After the creation of the map, every instruction needed to relocate the treasure room or mine was set forth in compass degrees and exact measurements, and there is not one bit of surveying needed in order to relocate a treasure room or mine.
Now, back at the alpha.
As I said, this first instruction from the alpha is ALWAYS quite a distance away.
All you need to do is this, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE CORRECT COMPASS DEGREE as well as some idea of the distance.
Then just start walking in the compass direction given.
When you have gone the proper distance, you will find a SIGN OR A SYMBOL, maybe even a large boulder monument, either way a sign will be found that tells you that you are to stop at this point at that sign or symboland that FROM THIS POINT YOU MAKE ANOTHER CHANGE IN DIRECTION, which means that you will also be given another distance to travel.
You will find that when you leave the alpha and get to your next point, your distances will decrease immensely.
You may find that from this second point, your next distance to go may be 30 feet or less, and this is when your going to need to start using your tape measure.
Just think about it for a moment.
When following the instructions on the map, you will, AT EVERY POINT where there is a change in please click for source and distance, find a boulder or some kind of PERMANENT object that will have signs and symbols on it helping you out.
And at the very best, these maps will lead you to great treasures.
But what does bother me is when these authors show a phony solution and then make statements about having located treasures by using this solution.
The question is, are you going to be able to get back on the right course, or are you gonna play tic-tac-toe for forty years?
On the reverse side of that thought we have the number 30.
This number will be found on paper maps as well as in the field.
The number 30 is just the opposite of the 40.
In the treasure code sign and symbol of the 30, it is not a measurement that you must make, but instead it is a symbol that you need to locate, specifically, it is the Eagle symbol that you must find.
The letters in the word Eagle add up to 30 and, as you can see, this could cause some serious failure on your part if you try to measure 30 feet.
The actual Eagle symbol will be located much further away than the 30 feet that you are measuring and you must locate this symbol in order to move successfully to your next step given on your map or given in code at the treasure site.
After developing the mine down some 20 feet below the surface, it became richer than ever, with more gold than he could ever use in a life time…as the Mexican revolution was eminent he packed up his goods, had them shipped back to Spain, covered over his mine, and left the letter for some family members who were still living in Mexico.
click at this page letter stated go north of this certain village for 40 kilometers look for a certain mountian, there on this mountian you will find some boulders shaped in a particular way.
Now look for the spring that comes out of the rock near a large Palo Verde tree.
Well my friend traveled the 40 kilometers and never found the particular mountain that was called for in the letter, after a week or so of searching he gave up and returned home to the USA.
So my friend was to go North of the village UNTIL he saw the correct shaped mountain, intead he simply drove by itwith his attention focues way to far down the trail.
Those information boulders Chances are, you have located a large boulder with information on it near a treasure site.
The large boulder may not have ANY info on it at all they are set up simply to attract your attention, and to get you to go over to itbut when you climb up on top of these boulders and look at the ground surrounding it, you will see any number of these smaller partially buried rocks.
There will be one rock for each mine, etc.
Again, a compass is needed so that, as you stand on this boulder, you can take compass directions to these smaller rocks.
And again, take a measurement from the large boulder to these smaller rocks in order to get distance to these mines, etc.
Some of these rocks may be close to the boulder, while others may be as far away as 50 to 75 feet or more.
Remember, one foot equals approximately a hundred yards.
The trick is to recognize this problem and then proceed to break away from it as quickly as possible.
This revealing comes in bits and pieces, but soon you will be able to put enough of these pieces together to view this system of treasure signs and symbols for what it truly is.
And the truth is, no matter what kind of treasure you are hunting for, whether it is Spanish, Church, Pirate or KGC treasure, you will be using the SAME EXACT SYSTEM FOR EACH.
The M is a symbol of the owl owl of Minerva.
When locating a W, remember that the W has a numerical value of 23.
We have two indicators for the owl, so we know that we will locate a treasure room at the end of the trail.
As I dig into other website and uncover more of Digns wisdom, I will make additions in this section to this very post.
Without the interuptions and hijacking that is sure to follow by the bad actors, i mentioned above.
~~~ IN light of posting about continue reading basics I want to post what to look for in terms of confirmation signs.
Mother nature can morph phantasmagorical shapes with rock and stone, with wind, water and time, that may accidently look like some animal or critter.
The Jesuits knew this, and used it to hide and keep hidden there very valuable mines and caches.
What is confirmation and how does it work?
The following will help you get started.
Take photos, but take them at slot no registration no download correct time, otherwise the will not help you at all.
Take all phots from 11am — 1pm, with your back to the sun, NO errant shadows please 3.
Look for the break or hole in the stack of boulders, this is called a Hoyo, this is Spanish for hole and is the Number one confirmation used by the Jesuits and the Spanish!
Once you locate the Omega, this is be much more subtle and obscure.
Here you will be given the cluse thru confirmation makes of the final locations of the goods.
It is not always a final geometry, sometimes it is simply a compass heading.
That is why it is critical to good over your pics with a fine tooth comb.
Dont forget the shadows, the code makers knew we are trained to ignore the shadows and they hide their most important confimation and clues in these shadows!
Fact: All Alphas have a very distinctive shadow symbol, with out this, your on the work track.
They reason is that the shadow is only visiable for a few hours per day, thus maximum security for accidental sighting, AND this shadow is only visible for a few months of the year!!
A double layer of security overlaying this very critical aspect of the building of monuments!
Now the meaning of the following signs and symbols are very important and I will include them here.
Letters- in Digns post you can see that he letter encode lots of data and you need tofind them on your Alpha, click some letter or numbers no real monuments exist.
Numbers — again refer to Digs Data, to decode these number, if there are just number, it can be a distance, if two or more it treasure code sign and symbol be a compass heading, if it is a combination of letters go here numbers then it is quite possible that you have a Bible verse.
P8 which stands for Proverbs, Chapter 8.
D4, D5, J8 C.
Bible verses can contain actual measurements and clues as in J4, treasure code sign and symbol usually I have found that they are used to give you the tenor or tone of the caches, whether is was done under duress or in tribute retribution, or lamentation.
They are to me the confirmation of the Jesuits, no one but them would use the Bible as a from of a Code Book.
They knew that future generations of the Brethren would have the key to these puzzles on them at any given time and that the wordsin even thru trans- lation, would not change enough to change the clues.
It just makes logical sense.
Could you tell me if there is someone that I can e-mail pictures of these to that could help me in determining their meaning and if treasure related.
I have also found some old iron items and shell casings from the area and could use some assistance in determining what they are, what time period, etc.
Thank you for your help.
By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:. treasure code sign and symbol treasure code sign and symbol treasure code sign and symbol treasure code sign and symbol treasure code sign and symbol treasure code sign and symbol

2019 treasure markers found!

Ancient Lost Treasures • View topic - The OWL Treasure Symbols: 13, M, W, B Treasure code sign and symbol

Ancient Lost Treasures • View topic - The OWL Treasure Symbols: 13, M, W, B Treasure code sign and symbol

Treasure Marks, Signs and Symbols of the Yamashita Treasure Welcome, Guest. Is this a sign of Treasure? Started by jewellcat « 1 2 3.
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More on interpreting symbols With the recent airing of a History Channel show about Jesse James and the KGC there has been a lot of activity on the different treasure hunting forums about how to interpret a symbol and what may or may not be a K.G.C. symbol.


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